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1000 Phrasal verbs ingleses con frases explicativas.
Frases con ejemplos de verbos con preposición


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209. Add on
To increase or enhance something by joining or uniting something to it (transitive, separable)
We've decided to add on another bedroom to the house.

210. Add up
To result in a certain total (intransitive)
I've calculated that over and over, but it just doesn't add up.

211. Add up to
To result in a certain total (transitive, inseparable)
The money I lost in the slot machines added up to over three hundred dollars.

212. Ask in
To request someone to come in (transitive, separable)
At the end of the date, I asked Mary in.

213. Ask out
To request someone to go on a date with you (transitive, separable)
I asked Mary out again. She refused.


214. Back away
To retreat backwards (intransitive)
The crowd backed away as the terrorist blew himself up.

215. Back up
To help or support (transitive, separable)
I will back my friends up no matter what they do.

216. Back up
To make copies of computer files (transitive, separable)
Please be sure to back up your files before you go home each day.

217. Beat up
To hurt someone by hitting and/or kicking them repeatedly (transitive, separable)
Mary beat Max up for forgetting to buy beer.

218. Bend over
To move the top part of the body downwards bending at the waist (intransitive)
Max hurt his back when he bent over to pick up the news paper.

219. Back away
To retreat backwards (intransitive)
The crowd backed away as the terrorist blew himself up.

220. Blend in
To match or look the same as the surroundings (intransitive)
In Max's neighbourhood, if you don't blend in , you'll get beat up.

221. Blow up
To explode or to destroy something with an explosion (transitive, separable)
Mary was arrested for blowing up Max's car with a homemade bomb.

222. Boss around
To tell someone what to do repeatedly (transitive, separable)
Mary likes to boss people around.

223. Break down
To lose control of one's emotions (intransitive)
Max broke down in tears when he heard that Mary had been arrested.

224. Break down
To stop working (intransitive)
John had to learn to become a good mechanic as his car was always breaking down.

225. Break in
To forcibly enter a building (intransitive)
Max called the police when he thought he heard someone breaking in.

226. Break in
To work something so as to be usable (transitive, separable)
Max's shoes hurt him as he had not yet broke them in.

227. Break into
To forcibly enter a building (transitive, inseparable)
Mary broke into the car to steal the stereo.

228. Bring up
To mention (transitive, separable)
When talking to Mary, Max never brings up her criminal record.

229. Brush up on
To practice, to improve your skill or knowledge (intransitive)
Max went back to school to brush up on mathematics

230. Burn down
To destroy by fire (transitive, separable)
Please, don't smoke in bed for you may burn the house down.

231. Butt in
To enter a conversation uninvited (intransitive)
"excuse me for butting in, but I couldn't help over hearing..."


232. Call off
To cancel (transitive, separable)
Mary decided to call off her wedding with Max.

233. Call up
To telephone (transitive, separable)
Mary called the priest up to tell him the wedding was off.

234. Calm down
To stop being emotionally distressed (transitive, inseparable)
Max was so upset that nothing could calm him down.

235. Carry on
To continue (intransitive)
Max was not sure if he could carry on any longer.

236. Catch on
To become popular (intransitive)
Max is hoping that being short, fat, and bald will catch on.

237. Catch up
To get to the same level as others (intransitive)
Max was too far behind in the race to possibly catch up.

238. Check in
To register (usually at a hotel, airport, or hospital) (transitive, separable)
The terrorist sweated nervously as he checked his baggage in.

239. Clean up
To clean completely (transitive, separable)
When living with others it is important to clean up after yourself.

240. Come across
To find by chance(transitive, inseparable)
As Max was cleaning up his room he came across Mary's phone number.

241. Come up
To be mentioned(intransitive)
In Max's conversation with Mary the topic of their wedding never came up.

242. Come up with
(transitive, inseparable)
Max came up with a brilliant idea.

243. Copy down
To record in writing (transitive, separable)
Max told Mary about the idea. She copied it down.

244. Cut down
To reduce. (transitive, inseparable)
Max decided to cut down his alcohol consumption.


245. Die down
To decrease (intransitive)
The noise from the party finally died down around three in the morning.

246. Dig up
To look for and find hidden information (transitive, separable)
Mary was paid thousands of dollars to dig up some dirt on that promising

247. Drag on
To continue for what seems to be an extremely long time (intransitive)
The politicians’ speech dragged on and on.

248. Draw up
To prepare (transitive, separable)
Lee harvey was happy to have the soviets draw up the assassination plans.

249. Dream up
To think of (something new)(transitive, separable)
The cia and the kgb were always dreaming up new ways of keeping tabs on each other.

250. Dress up
To put on formal clothing (intransitive)
Many people dress up to go to the opera. (transitive, separable) Mary likes to dress her son up to go to church.

251. Drink up
To finish a drink (transitive, separable)
Bobby drank his juice up and went to bed.



252. Eat out
To go out and eat (intransitive)
Max was tired of eating out, so he stayed home and had a tv dinner.

253. Eat up
To finish a meal (transitive, separable)
You must eat up all of your vegetables before you can have cake.

254. Even out
To make something the same as something else (transitive, separable)
Max had trouble evening out his sideburns this morning.



255. Fall down
To fall to the floor or ground (intransitive)
Mary fell down and hurt her left knee.

256. Fight off
To keep something or someone away (transitive, separable)
Bill had trouble fighting all of the young ladies off.

257. Fill in
To complete where needed (transitive, separable)
Please fill in the blanks.

258. Fill up
To fill completely (transitive, separable)
You can borrow my car, but please fill up the tank before you return it.

259. Find out
To learn or discover (transitive, separable)
Mary was mad when she found out that she was adopted.

260. Fit in
To get along with others in a group (intransitive)
Bill decided to go into politics when he discovered he didn't fit in anywhere else.


261. Get away
To escape (intransitive)
Max had a dream that a very fat woman was attacking him and he couldn't get away.

262. Get back
To return (from somewhere)(intransitive)
Max got back late from the soccer match.

263. Get back
To have something returned (transitive, separable)
When Mary called her engagement with Max off, Max tried to get the ring back.

264. Get in
To arrive (intransitive)
When did you get in from new york?

265. Get off
To dismount(transitive, inseparable)
Max got off his bicycle to tie his shoe.

266. Get off
To receive a lesser punishment than what might be expected (intransitive)
Mary got off with only two years in prison for the attempted murder of Max.

267. Get together
To meet (intransitive)
Let's get together tomorrow night.

268. Give back
To return something (transitive,2, separable)
Mary did not want to give Max the wedding ring back.

269. Give out
To distribute. (transitive, inseparable)
Mary is very happy that they give needles out at the local clinic.

270. Give up
To stop, quit, or abandon (transitive, separable)
Max gave up smoking ten years ago.

271. Go away
To leave (intransitive)
Max and Mary went away for the summer.

272. Grow up
To change from child to adult (intransitive)
Mary thinks that Max never grew up.


273. Hand in
To turn in or give work you have done (transitive, separable)
Max was embarrassed about handing in his homework late.

274. Hand out
To distribute (transitive, separable)
Lee harvey often handed out leaflets on the street corner.

275. Hang around
To spend time (intransitive)
Max likes to hang around with his friends at the local bar.

276. Hold back
To restrain (transitive, separable)
When I saw Max's new haircut, I had a hard time holding back my laughter.

277. Hold down
To keep a job (transitive, separable)
Mary has never been able to hold down a job.

278. Hold on
To wait (intransitive)
Hold on a moment. I need to tie my shoe.

279. Hurry up
To do faster (intransitive)
Hurry up. We are running late.


280. Jot down
To copy down or make a note of (transitive, separable)
Max jotted down a few notes as the professor spoke.


281. Keep away
To not allow to come near (transitive, separable)
Max was so popular with the girls that he couldn't keep them away.

282. Keep off
To not walk on (transitive, inseparable)
Please keep off the grass.

283. Keep off
To not consume or do (transitive, inseparable)
Scott is having a difficult time keeping off drugs.

284. Keep on
To continue (verb +ing)(intransitive)
No matter how many times you fail, you must keep on trying.

285. Kneel down
To go down on your knees (intransitive)
Before he goes to bed, Max kneels down to pray.

286. Knock out
To make someone unconscious (intransitive)
That last drink I had really knocked me out.


287. Lay off
To dismiss from a job (transitive, separable)
General motors usually lays workers off just before christmas so that the ceo can get a large bonus.

288. Leave out
To not include (transitive, separable)
A margarita is not a margarita if you leave the tequila out.

289. Let down
To disappoint (transitive, must be separate unless passive)
The team let the coach down.

290. Lie down
To recline (intransitive)
After I drink two or three margaritas, I like to lie down in my hammock in the shade.

291. Line up
To stand in a line (intransitive)
The prisoners had to line up before they could enter the dining hall.

292. Lock in
To lock the door so that someone can't leave (transitive, separable)
Mary was afraid that Max might flee, so she locked him in.

293. Lock out
To lock the door so that someone can't enter (transitive, separable)
As soon as Max escaped, he locked Mary out.

294. Look down on
To consider inferior (transitive, inseparable)
The rich lady looked down on the poor homeless people in the park.

295. Look for
To search(transitive, inseparable)
I spend about ten minutes everyday looking for my car keys.

296. Look into
To investigate (transitive, inseparable)
The grand jury is looking into the allegations that bribes influenced the mayor's actions.

297. Look up
To find information in a book (transitive, separable)
Mary decided to look up her ex-boyfriend's phone number.


298. Make up
To invent (a story) (transitive, separable)
Bill is good at making up stories to get himself out of trouble.

299. Mark down
To reduce prices (transitive, separable)
K-mart often marks its prices down.

300. Move on
To progress onwards (intransitive)
Let's move on. I'm tired of talking about that.


301. Open up
To talk openly (intransitive)
Max was the only one that Mary would ever open up to.


302. Pass out
To distribute (transitive, separable)
The teacher passed the assignment out.

303. Pass out
To lose consciousness (intransitive)
Mary drank so much wine that she passed out.

304. Pay off
To pay all of the money you owe (transitive, separable)
Some day I hope to pay off my student loans.

305. Pick out
To choose (transitive, separable)
When shopping for watermelon, I like to pick out the biggest.

306. Play down
To make something seem less important (transitive, separable)
Max played down his car accident so that his mother wouldn't get worried.

307. Print out
To print something from a computer (transitive, separable)
That last drink I had really knocked me out.

308. Pull down
To pull something so that it comes down (transitive, separable)
When Max drinks too much, he sometimes pulls his pants down in public.

309. Put back
To place something where it was previously (transitive, separable)
When you finish the milk, please don't put the empty carton back in the fridge.

310. Put down
To kill a sick or injured animal (transitive, separable)
The vet said it was necessary to put down the race horse with the broken leg.

311. Put off
To postpone (transitive, separable)
Many students put off doing their homework until it's almost too late.

312. Put up with
To tolerate (transitive, inseparable)
Max has great difficulty putting up with noisy children.


313. Quiet down
To be less noisy (transitive, separable)
Class, please quiet down. I'm trying to think.


314. Run away
To escape from your guardians (intransitive)
Mary ran away at the age of thirteen.

315. Run into
To meet unexpectedly (transitive, inseparable)
I was surprised when I ran into bill on the way to the store yesterday.

316. Run over
To hit with a vehicle (transitive, separable)
Bill ran over a cat on his way to work.

317. Rush in
To enter quickly (intransitive)
The students rushed in because they were eager to learn.

318. Rush out
To exit quickly (intransitive)
The workers all rushed out because it was time to go home.


319. Save up
To collect money for future use (transitive, separable)
Max is saving up for a brand new car.

320. Sell out
To sell everything in the store (transitive, separable)
We can't go to the concert. The tickets have been sold out .

321. Send back
To return something(transitive, separable)
I sent the soup back to the kitchen because there was a fly in it.

322. Set up
To start, organize, or configure (transitive, separable)
Max asked Mary to set up his computer.

323. Settle down
To start living a quiet family-life (intransitive)
Max started to look for a wife because he thought it was time to settle down.

324. Settle down
To get someone to quiet down (transitive, must be separate)
Settle john down. The neighbours are trying to sleep.

325. Shave off
To remove hair by shaving (transitive, separable)
Michael jordan first shaved off all of his hair when he was in his twenties.

326. Shoot down
To make something hit the ground by shooting it (transitive, separable)
Yugoslavia shot down one us warplane.

327. Shop around
To go to many different merchants to find the best price (intransitive)
When they said they were going to charge us over $5000 for an internet connection, I decided to shop around.

328. Show off
To try to impress by doing or showing(transitive, separable)
When bill did that trick with the cigar, he was just showing off.

329. Simmer down
To become less angry (intransitive)
Bill allowed his wife to simmer down before he asked for forgiveness.

330. Sit around
To just sit not doing much (intransitive)
I don't do much at work besides sitting around because to do anything more would be a violation of union rules.

331. Speak up
To speak more loudly (intransitive)
Speak up. I can't here you.

332. Split up
To divide (transitive, separable)
The bank robbers split the money up equally.

333. Stand in for
To take someone's place (transitive, inseparable)
Mary stood in for her boss while he was away.

334. Stand up
To rise to an erect position (intransitive)
All of the people in the courtroom stood up when the judge entered.

335. Stay in
To not go out (intransitive)
Bill decided to stay in this weekend because he was tired of going out.

336. Stay out
To not return home (intransitive)
Bill got angry when his wife stayed out all night.


337. Take apart
To dismantle or disassemble (transitive, separable)
Max took the engine of his car apart, but couldn't put it back together.

338. Take back
To retrieve something you gave or said (transitive, separable)
I take it back. Mark isn't nearly as dumb as I said.

339. Take back
To return (transitive, separable)
Max took the defective radio back to the store where he bought it.

340. Take off
To remove from something (transitive, separable)
I'm going to take my jacket off. It's hot in here.
Take your hand off my knee. I'm not that kind of girl.

341. Take off
To depart (aircraft) (intransitive)
When the plane takes off, you must have your seatbelt on and your seat must be in its upright position.

342. Take out
To take someone on a date (transitive, separable)
Max took Mary out to a fancy restaurant.

343. Take over
To gain control of (transitive, separable)
Someday I will take over the world.

344. Talk into
To persuade to do something (transitive, must be separate)
Max talked Mary into going to mexico with him.

345. Talk out of
To persuade not to do something (transitive, must be separate)
Bill talked his wife out of divorcing him.

346. Tear off
To remove something by tearing (transitive, separable)
Chastain tore her jersey off when she scored the winning goal.

347. Think over
To give something a lot of thought (transitive, separable)
Before you make a big decision, you should think it over.

348. Throw away
To discard as trash (transitive, separable)
Lee threw away the parking ticket soon after he received it.

349. Throw out
To discard (transitive, separable)
Mary threw out all of her old clothes.

350. Tip off
To inform (transitive, separable)
Max tipped off the police about the imminent terrorist attack.

351. Try on
To put clothes on to see if it fits (transitive, separable)
Be sure to try athletic shoes on before you buy them.

352. Try out
To test to see if something is suitable (transitive, separable)
I'm going to try out some new recipes for dinner this week.

353. Turn down
To reject (transitive, separable)
Bill asked 100 girls to go out on a date with him. All but one turned him down.

354. Turn down
To decrease (transitive, separable)
Please turn the radio down. It's too loud.

355. Turn in
To submit or give work done for someone (transitive, separable)
Max turns in his homework almost always on time.

356. Turn off
To switch a machine or electrical device to the off position (transitive, separable)
Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.

357. Turn off
To disgust (transitive, separable)
Selfish people really turn me off.

358. Turn up
To increase (transitive, separable)
Please turn the radio up. I can hardly hear it.


359. Use up
To use all of (transitive, separable)
Mary got mad at Max for using up toothpaste.


360. Walk out
To leave as a sign of protest (intransitive)
The workers walked out to protest the low wages.

361. Water down
To make weaker (transitive, separable)
Don't go to that bar. The bartender waters down all of the drinks.

362. Wear down
To cause to be worn or weak (transitive, separable)
Your constant nagging is wearing me down.

363. Wear off
To no longer affect someone (transitive, separable)
Oh no, call the doctor. The drugs are wearing off.

364. Work on
To practice in order to improve (transitive, inseparable)
I know I can't spell, but i'm working on it.

365. Write down
To record in writing (transitive, separable)
In that class, you should write down everything that the professor says. It's likely to be on the test.

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