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203 frases hechas y expresiones inglesas. Vocabulario inglés.
Inglés coloquial. Idioms. Expresiones útiles en inglés


203 Frases hechas y expresiones en inglés. Idioms

Fuente: http://www.eslcafe.com/idioms/

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140. No way!: Absolutely not! / Definitely not!
A: "You didn't open this letter addressed to me, did you?"
B: "No way! I'd never read look at else's mail!"


141. OK: (1) yes (to show agreement--often reluctant agreement).
A: "Come on, Al. We really need your help!"
B: "Oh, OK; I may be crazy, but I'll help you."

142. OK: (2) neither good nor bad; so-so.
A: "How was the movie?"
B: "OK, I guess, but I've seen better ones."

143. OK: (3) in satisfactory condition; well.
A: "You look awfully pale. Are you OK?"
B: "Actually, I'm not. I have a terrible headache. "

144. OK: (4) approve (verb).
A: "Did your boss OK your vacation plans?"
B: "No, but he said that taking them two weeks later would be all right.

145. on the dot: exactly at a given time.
"We're leaving at 9:00 on the dot. If you're late, we'll go without you."

146. on time: at the scheduled time.
"It's getting late. You'd better hurry if you want to get to work on time."

147. (on the) cutting edge: using the most recent technology.
"The university's computer lab is (on the) cutting edge. It has
all the latest hardware and software."

148. once in a while: occasionally; from time to time.
A: "Would you like coffee or tea?"
B: "Coffee, please. I drink tea once in a while, but I generally drink coffee."

149. over one's head: too difficult or complicated for someone to understand.
"This explanation of cgi scripting is over my head.
Can you explain it in a less technical way?"


150. pay the piper: face the consequences for something you've done.
"I stayed up too late tonight. Tomorrow I'll have to pay the piper."

151. plastic: credit card(s).
"Oh, no! I forgot to get any cash! I hope this restaurant accepts plastic!"

152. pooped: very tired; exhausted.
"I went to bed really early last night. I was pooped!"

153. pop quiz: unannounced short test.
"You shouldn't have missed class yesterday. We had a pop quiz."

154. pretty (adv.): rather; somewhat.
"That car's pretty expensive. Are you sure you can afford it?"

155. pull an all-nighter: study or work all night without getting any sleep.
A: "You look really tired."
B: "I am. I pulled an all-nighter to get ready for the meeting this morning."

156. pull someone's leg: tease someone by trying to make her/him believe something
that's exaggerated or untrue.
A: "Wow! Carl has done some really amazing things!"
B: "Don't believe everything he tells you. He was probably pulling your leg."


157. quite a few: several; numerous.
"I don't think I can meet you after work. I have quite a few errands that I have to do."

158. a quick study: someone who learns new things quickly and easily.
A: "Annie seems to be doing well at her new job."
B: "I'm not surprised. She's a quick study."


159. R and R: rest and relaxation (a vacation).
"I think you're working too hard, Dave. You need some R and R."

160. rain or shine: (describing something scheduled) no matter what the weather is.
"We're leaving tomorrow, rain or shine."

161. rain cats and dogs: rain very hard.
"You can't leave just now! It's raining cats and dogs
and you don't have an umbrella or raincoat!"

162. read someone's mind: know what someone is thinking.
A: "I'll be you're thinking of what you're going to have for dinner."
B: "Hey, did you read my mind?"
A: "No. I just know that you're always hungry and lunch was several hours ago!"

163. rub someone the wrong way: irritate someone; bother or annoy someone.
"All my little brother says is 'Why?' Usually I'm patient with him,
but sometimes all his questions rub me the wrong way."

164. run-down: (1) not well; weak; fatigued.
"Are you eating regularly and getting enough sleep? You look run-down."

165. run-down: (2) in poor condition; needing repair.
"This must be a poor neighborhood. All the buildings look really run-down."


166. __ -savvy: knowledgeable about ___ .
"If you're having problems with your hard disk, talk to Jim.
He's very computer-savvy. "

167. schmooze: make relaxed, casual conversation.
"No, we weren't talking about anything important.
We were just shooting the breeze."

168. shoot the breeze: make relaxed, casual conversation.
"No, we weren't talking about anything important.
We were just schmoozing."

169. sleep on it: take at least a day to think about something before making a decision.
"The job that you're offering me sounds really good, but I'd like
to sleep on it before giving you my final decision."

170. a snap: something that's very easy to do.
A: "Is your job difficult?"
B: "No, actually it's a snap. In fact, it's so easy that it's a little bit boring."

171. Someone's made his/her own bed; now let him/her lie in it.: Someone has caused his/her own problems; he/she will have to solve them himself/herself.
A: Jim upset everyone when he got angry at the meeting. Can we do anything
to make the situation better?
B: No. He's made his own bed; now let him lie in it."

172. sooner or later: eventually.
"You've been working too hard for too long. If you don't relax a little,
sooner or later you're going to get sick."

173. sort of: rather; somewhat.
"I think I'll lie down. I feel sort of dizzy."

174. so-so: fair; not particularly good.
A: "How're you doing?"
B: "So-so. I've been better, but I've also been worse."

175. state of the art: using the latest technology.
"The company is very proud of the equipment in its
computer room. It's state of the art."

176. Step on it!: Hurry up!
"Step on it! The taxi will be here at any time and you're not even dressed!"

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