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203 frases hechas y expresiones inglesas. Vocabulario inglés.
Inglés coloquial. Idioms. Expresiones útiles en inglés


203 Frases hechas y expresiones en inglés. Idioms

Fuente: http://www.eslcafe.com/idioms/

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177. take it easy: relax.
"I don't have any special vacation plans. I'm just going to take it easy."

178. toss something: throw something away; put something in the trash.
"These shoes are worn out. I guess I'll have to toss them."

179. tough: difficult.
"Question number three is a tough one.Do you know the answer?"

180. There, there.: expression of comfort.
"There, there. Everything's going to be OK."

181. tight-fisted: very frugal; unwilling to spend money unnecessarily.
A: Do you think Charlie will donate any money to the activities fund?
B: No way! He's too tight-fisted!

182. a tightwad: someone who is very frugal and unwilling to spend money unnecessarily.
A: Will Charlie donate any money to the activities fund?
B: Absolutely not! He's a real tightwad!"

183. tricky: easily confused or misunderstood.
"This problem is tricky. I don't really understand it."

184. two-faced: deceitful; disloyal; someone who pretends to be a friend but isn't.
"I thought he was my friend, but he's two-faced. He says nice things
to me when we're together, but makes jokes about me when we aren't.



185. under the weather: ill; sick; unwell.
"Ted was feeling under the weather yesterday, so he decided not to go to work."

186. until hell freezes over: forever.
"Chris can practice the piano until hell freezes over, but he'll never play
well because he's tone-deaf."
Note: This expression is used to describe something that will not
change, no matter how long or how often it's done.

187. until you're blue in the face: forever.
"You can talk until you're blue in the face, but I won't change my mind."
Note: This expression is used in the same way as "until hell freezes over."

188. update: make current; add information to show what has happened recently.
"I need to update my résumé. It doesn't show what I've done during the last year."


189. Was my face red!: I was very embarrassed.
"When I got to the meeting I noticed that I was wearing one black sock
and one brown one. Was my face red!"

190. wear out one's welcome: make someone uncomfortable by visiting too long.
A: "Can't you stay two or three more days?"
B: "No. I don't want to wear out my welcome."

191. wet behind the ears: inexperienced and naive.
"Don't include Fred as part of the bargaining team.He's just started
working here and is still too wet behind the ears."

192. What for?: Why?
A: "Come here for a minute. I need you."
B: "What for?"
Note: "What" and "for" can be separated--with "for" at the end of the question:
B: "What do you need me for?"

193. What's up?: What's new? What's happening?
"Hi, Dave. What's up?"

194. wishy-washy: uncommitted; without an opinion of one's own.
"Don't be so wishy-washy. Tell us how you really feel."

195. with bells on: very eagerly; with the feeling that one will have a very good time.
A: "Are you going to Sandra's party?"
B: "I'll be there with bells on!"

196. would ('d) just as soon: would ('d) rather; prefer.
"I know we have a lot of work to do, but I'm tired. I'd just as soon leave
and finish tomorrow. Is that OK with you?"


197. a yes-man: someone who tries to get approval by agreeing with everyone.
A: "Why does the boss think Arnold is so intelligent?"
B: "Because Arnold is a yes-man. He agrees with everything the boss says!"

198. You don't say!: Really? / Is that really true?
A: "Have you heard the news? Jessica got married!"
B: "You don't say!"

199. You've got to be kidding!: You can't be serious! (What you said can't be true.What you said is very surprising/hard to believe.) "
A: "Did you know that Bob quit his job?"
B: "You've got to be kidding!"

200. yucky: terrible; distasteful; very unpleasant.
"Don't eat the soup at the cafeteria. It's yucky!"

201. yummy: delicious.
"Have you tried the cookies that Jonathan baked? They're yummy!"


202. zilch: nothing.
A: "How much money do you have?"
B: "Zilch. I'm broke until payday."

203. Zip your lip!: keep something secret; promise not to tell what has just been said.
"What I told you is really important, so zip your lip!"

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